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Dog Misbehaving? We can help solve many dog training and behavior issues such as:

  • House Training
  • Destructive Chewing
  • Barking
  • Not Coming When Called
  • Pulling on Leash
  • Jumping
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Fearfulness
  • Aggression
  • And More!

We can even help with selecting the right dog for your lifestyle!

Welcome to Happy Dog!

Our expert dog trainers offer solutions to make your dog a well-behaved family member. We offer convenient group classes as well as private, one-on-one training in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.

Happy Dog was founded by Allison Jamison Woosley on one guiding principle: There is never a need to cause harm, either physical or emotional, when training your dog.

Our experts in dog training and behavior use only science-based, humane training methods. We use positive reinforcement techniques to achieve more of the behavior we want and less of what we don't want.

We will never hit, poke, choke, shock, yell, or throw things at your dog. We implement learning theory, not force.

Happy Dog encourages all family members to participate in training. Because our style of dog training is fun, kind and effective, we find training the family dog is a great family activity. We know you are busy! We will partner with you and your family to structure a training plan best suited to your individual needs and lifestyle.

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Victoria Stilwell showed the world how humane training leads to better relationships with our dogs on her hit Animal Planet show, It's Me or the Dog. Allison is a proud member of Victoria's elite group of Positively dog trainers (VSPDT).

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